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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. was a report on our trip. to. the russian foreign ministers as they say members of their actions in the conflict well then a meeting with his french counterpart. also criticized for sending weapons to the libyan rebels saying the fake this u.n. resolution allows it to be just the innocence or. guilt is the government the according to employ libya. used to get this is the target. around the libyans will not know the. shoulder fired the continued target by nato and warns about the hague colonel down song reveals his take on why libya is
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a war in an exclusive interview with nancy. grace's urging the e.u. to hand over its promise to. the parliament approved deep spending column for the state and said sell off the spike days of violent protests. and russian grain returns to the international markets well the contrary has lifted its nearly year long plan on grain at schools near the market reaction we're going to discussing without gas in the business to do in five twenty minutes. a very warm welcome this is our sea life from the russian capital moscow has raised over from supplying weapons to libyan rebels a neighbor ambiguous interpretations of the un security council resolution on libya
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foreign minister sergey lavrov has also once again said that the sides in the syrian conflict should resolve their differences through dialogue. is out the foreign ministry for. libya was the key issue discussed during a meeting between two foreign ministers that's following france's deployment of arms to libya france admitted it air dropped guns in order to help civilians protect themselves and according to french foreign minister when it comes to protection of civilians all measures are justified they claim that u.n. security council's resolution allows them to do so russia it isn't it is unacceptable that it violates arms embargo to libya and so but in foreign minister has said even though to ministers to countries have similar view on the biggest future that has to be peaceful and democratic states that's a u.n. security council resolution can be easily misinterpreted. or solution nine hundred
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seventy three contains chapter four which allows anyone to do anything in this very chapter was a course book problems with the mandate and all other aspects we supported and as we have warned now we're facing rather pleasant situations when it can be interpreted in russia different ways do i think more than other u.n. security council members are interested in the body to release concise documents to the international law does not need to put up with ambiguity meanwhile representatives of the african union have already spoken out about this saying that they are afraid of proliferation they fear that those guns make ends up in the hands of terrorists and that's going to be a threat to the entire region russia's envoy to nato has said at a press conference in moscow that he fears that the only ground operation is just around the corner and that operation is only going to prolong this conflict and worsen situation in the whole region in general when it comes to syria the two foreign ministers are not whites on the sea beach regarding that uprising moscow
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stands firm against a u.n. security council resolution which syria while france has been going on with the council to take action while still believes not only a political solution. this crisis is possible and foreign minister lavrov said that sitting in the house to sit down with such governments instead of concessions. it's. all with the war in libya are the focal point of international relations assays access to colonel gadhafi son in a targeted tripoli sign for things his country's wanted for its riches but says people will keep fighting to make sure libya doesn't fall under foreign control today i was swimming and fishing there was very hard what we went to the beach. so we are in our country i want to die fighting for our country living with our people
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. our country where we would if we die we go to heaven and they destroyed our house in the middle of. a small house surrounded by many houses we were living near this small school next to them. that house for me so we can remember them he young civilian he had nothing to do with the war with politics. in germany because of the war he came back to libya he was there. later so that we bought a command and control center because it was a two bedroom kitchen small house is it give you an example from my family and many other examples one week ago they had the house of a friend of my father killed the whole family. the wife pregnant
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by two young girls. and again we are hitting and military site are playing a president. with her. controlling and commanding libyan troops. come on she would have. had one target this country is a piece of cake rich full of jazz oil and we have more than one hundred billion dollars deposits abroad so we have to share this case that we need to win for the ball and harry we want to finish the soonest possible because the hungry. we want to share the cake. slake for them levy is like passed from. the was passed because evolution first passed all passed and planes passed well it's passed
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differently but. because we are in our country it's not going to. leave you with here so we're a very patient good goal the goal is to control libya is accountability this is the target and the libyans will not allow them to do that. so the five hundred you. are you can watch our full exclusive interview with colonel gadhafi son in just over an hour's time and he doing what awaits him be the calm to download it right now or coming off the truth here are just hours are being used to incentivize criminals to you fracture terror plots an f.b.i. sting operation for three men behind bars for fabricated crime questioning government tactics in the war on terror. dozens of militants reportedly
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cross russia's border with georgia into the north caucasus and this comes as russian officials want an ongoing terror surge in the country that's calls live now . for more on this these are you all the militants and what's doing who pretty well that's what we're hearing from the russian security forces there between fifty and seventy armed militants crossed from georgia into the russian republic of dagestan now one of that group has been detained by security forces and our following interrogation has revealed that the the group who are trained in firearms as well as explosives by a arab group in the became cheesey gorge area of georgia now since the georgian army stopped patrolling not the area the has become something of a a hold for terrorist training in the in the caucus area and the actual terrain between the border is very mountainous really resulting in up all to be incredibly
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poorest and quite easy to cross over into very difficult to patrol. so this this large group if it's partly you've gone through the mountains into the russian republic of dagestan. and that these are russian school because there's always a ball that's how are we to know is that likely to change. well the caucuses are essentially the front line in rush's war on terror now this group arriving may well be some kind of reinforcements to the b. raids that took part place last week by security forces which resulted in a a large cache of arms and munitions being being seized as well as what the authorities are telling us were seven large scale forms there were also taken as well now the area has seen constant fighting over two hundred militants have been killed so far this year by russian security forces in fighting in that area also the the authorities are telling us that the amount of terror attacks in russia has
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gone up thirty five percent in the first half of twenty eleven. also casualties on both sides they say this really is the the very front line of russia's battle against these al qaeda linked terrorists five russian security forces personnel were killed and not race that took place last week there was ended up resulting in meet the seizure of like cache of arms but the shocking statistic they say we're hearing this is the amount of attacks taking place by terrorists up thirty five percent from last year in the first half of twenty a level. right in seventy five thousand since all of them live from moscow. now the greek prime minister has as the european union to release a further wave of bailout funds which the debt ridden country needs to avoid to default in july were to qualify for the cash athens has approved a package
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a radical tax increases and spending cuts which triggered three days and nights of protests her first report recount threats to the highest bidder all say founding the flames of public anger. greece is not for sale. the message from the theorist public as plans to sell off many assets to head quicker incredibly proud of their heritage many people feel that the privatization proposals stepping grace and its public assets. for grabs for the lenders banks companies and chain operators among many more at stake in the large telecommunications company aig he is also the sale. has been a continuous crime for the past twenty years we've sold off our company piece by piece and now we only own a small percentage but that small stake is extremely important to the greek people
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but they want to sell even beyond. the present governments who were heavily opposed to the sale of eighty shares when they were acting as a position. called a national crime when the previous government has now they want to do the same and sell the shares now at a low price we don't think we'll see investment or any development to you we think the only thing others will care about is profit profit profit. he continues calls from the public to refuse the aggressive privatization proposals that forced by the troika seemingly gone unheard of a presser from the european union is there a man who would talk about blackmail i guess the greek government critics of are they backing a bailout acting out of interest keeping profits private as the last is to say she lies nothing you hear is not like greeks have to stretch back into deep history to
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figure this out we can look at latin american we look at countries all over the world where the i.m.f. has come in and sacrificed and plundered the nation for corporate consolidation and prime minister happened to a state of avoiding the country's collapse at all costs many are now asking just how high a price he's willing to pay someone buys it's a. very tragic occurs that's going to be a catalyst for i think of for this government the e.u. has stated fairly there's no plan b. the stairs the measures being enacted buses here you girls on the streets might be tiny things that one. since. we have more stories you online just log on to our website r.t. dot com says the fresh something and much more his take on t.v. correspondents reporting from one of the votes of infamous freedom patella which is set to sail through what haiti's guards are. also online you see
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you are blind aircraft pilots with laser pens will soon face time in jail for the life threatening. three men convicted of trying to blow up synagogues in new york i'm concerned the twenty five years behind bars returns one hundred down the spine of a federal judge involved in the case of missing the crime was provoked by the government and is asking for help or not i report is the strategy has all what mary americans outraged. for nearly a decade the u.s. has weaved a widespread global war on terror it's required multitasking military effort overseas on the domestic front u.s. officials have decided to double down recently announcing counterterrorism plans that we focus resources on combat homegrown plots this is the first counterterrorism strategy that focuses on the ability of al qaeda and its network
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to inspire people in the united states to attack us from within yet in countless so-called f.b.i. sting operations f.b.i. operatives provided the fake c four and actually showed a fake stinger missile the inspiration to attack america has come from a government paid informant. working to orchestrate the plan a tactic critics say exercised in a new york case dug new birth for. the suspects poor illiterate african american muslims were presented as the faces of homegrown terrorism and subsequently found guilty of conspiring and attempting terrorist attacks against the us no direction by a foreign entity or terrorist group instead direction came from she hussain a pakistani immigrant on the f.b.i. payroll reportedly paid one hundred thousand dollars for his services according to court testimony hussein recruited the cash strapped former convicts by offering cars and cash to carry out the operation for the visuals
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a. bomb jewish facilities here in the bronx and also take out a military aircraft. yet not one defendant had a passport or license but what the government had was an agent provocateurs or who testified in court as a key witness a guilty verdict for all four met clients islamic relatives the same day a new counterterrorism strategy was touted the new work four were sentenced to twenty five years in prison by tearful and angered crowd of supporters gathered outside manhattan's federal courthouse who was a government accountable trying on your own american citizens people as born right here on american soil this is a shame. miscarriage of justice and we will keep fighting back the government should not be allowed to walk straight. and see the full force.
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and since the. f.b.i. informants have reportedly been used in dozens of so-called foiled plots since nine eleven critics say hundreds of americans are languishing behind bars for fake terror attacks planted and grown by the u.s. government with our tax dollars are being used to incentivize. criminals to you for terror plots like that they catch other people up in i can't see how that in any way benefits the country music can pick anybody up from new york city or course the united states can make a plan you have to be very careful very aware of who you speak to who you are around because you have many. agents you have many informants that they are using the us federal judge said our we just government be there with her size and the keys of the new park who are expressing doubt the convicts who for want of planning an attack without the f.b.i.
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informant however the specific charges against the man require a mandatory minimum sentence of twenty five years in prison prosecutors say they manufactured what would have been up the last election if carried out and quote the fact that it was fake doesn't matter or enough or not party me or. the u.s. secretary of state has announced that washington has been in contact with egypt's muslim brotherhood the move was welcomed by the country's largest islamic group which has a strong following in egypt but was bound by the rule of ousted president hosni mubarak well the brotherhood says it's planning to stand in parliament to elections scheduled for september let's get more on this now crossing lies in international relations professor and he's an anchor for us many times of being with us have now what business do you think the u.s. has in contacting the muslim brotherhood. well i think they recognize that it's by
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far the best group in this. situation and so if the lections going to hit in september the likelihood is that it will be. good. and it's also with the americans distancing themselves from the support for many decades of oracle is so. there's the rest of the food on how. very much we're going to many egyptians. want to say it's nothing to do with ours forward on before the birth of this year but this does mark is quite strange attack doesn't it america's interest in egypt has been limited space revolutions they want to change the plates now the thing what it wants and strange attack although we have to remember that in america is in the british before the muslim brotherhood as a useful potential ally against an arab nationalism against anti-christ arab nationalism nasser i did originally from sadat representative egypt recently they
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have been looking at the arab spring to a collapsible threat to paris to regimes some former allies like with barak and you call those enemies like assad even syria and they see the muslim brotherhood which is an underground organization who these countries as a protect all for control of the poor somebody they have to deal with the big question of american so is completely going to be the dominant part of the muslim brotherhood which. is after all. the cars are in the bank although america has been a great deal with so many fundamentalist groups like in saudi arabia for many years quite happily and there was a probable make comes to do with the muslim brotherhood and will detail work with all who will be americans able to find a way of living with the brotherhood in egypt to its rights to its ally israel well let's look forward now we need the brotherhood is going to sounds of parliamentary
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elections scheduled for september but you think there's any doubt at all but the current interim government might hold on to power in egypt. well there is also a chance that situation coach because of armor on the streets or in riot it was recent it was a great comic strip egypt. i'm so not right actions we have took precedence already introduced here where the government pushed the election rely. a bit the same sort of problem egypt but then the danger is that this content with a pace of change since the fall could explode if people feel that the generals who really run into her that much and spin out control will say not to introduce local or long that we see more violence on the streets of egypt haven't we read that people not happy with that made the reforms that what do you think is needed to help egypt deal with the same thing political climate for egypt has huge problems and of course the revolution in itself is one of them ironic because the. answer to
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sort of really tempered to be enthusiasm of tourists to go but the tourist season in the winter which the earth the people worried about. other economic problems rising price of food are all silver so there's a big problem and the problem is for the americans they don't have the kind of money if you like a real national. social problems for the country of haiti. you want it to have significant effect on the stand to really give a boost the economy and resources the person doesn't have a very long lead there on your own experience now what path do you see egypt following in the south. i think it's very very difficult to predict there are several plausible parts one is that somehow elections will be held and some kind of constitutional democratic system will be over but a pretty it was available so it's more likely to do is precisely because of social
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and economic hope it will be very difficult to get stable. progress your belief and then the question is will the generals try to hold on to power or will some group of radicals who respect this is good with our limited united states because many people in the elites in egypt may want to have policies that the americans had who wise and sensible but there are tens of millions of people for whom those policies probably to really make much sense and also on the approach issue of israel for all american politicians devotions and egypt of course all very hostile to barak and his peace process with israel who made all the food is real but they want to distance themselves from it so again that makes it difficult for americans government states with congress which has a lot of those really look at this has to give a lot of money to egypt if the egyptian population is saying we are much less
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sympathetic to israel we'd like to be helpful to have us in the gaza strip ok mark almond is national relations professor biases speaking to us live from ankara thank you. but the story also making headlines around the world this hour and these sexual assault case against dominique strauss can be dropped as police admits credibility issues with his alleged they said they tell maids you claim to have been the rates are high the former i.m.f. chief in may is reported to have lied repeatedly during the investigation that's according its u.s. media sources will tell can face its seven charges including attempted rape and his current the other health arrest in new york certainly if he did i all allegations he's due in court later today a way to have his bail conditions in. so you get a job is undergone lifesaving surgery to remove the fifty six year old venezuelan president has made his of first t.v. appearance it's true missing here three weeks ago speaking of his condition he
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calls his recovery slow and careful has said he expects to make a full recovery government officials later could the venezuela will continue with its socialist reform program despite chavez's health. care that's where the news the next always is is this. hello and a very warm welcome to our business update russia has lifted the year long grain export ban imposed after heat wave devastated one third of the country's crops and caused world prices to rise to their highest level for two years but optimistic harvest forecasts have prompted russia to return to the global grain market to discuss the market reaction i'm joined by allison mackay from the financial services company world spreads mr mccain thank you for joining us. russian grady's back to the international market one question which exports now flood the market
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and mark the end of the bull market will prices fall now we're. even thanks for having me well i think grain of wheat like any product is affected by supply and demand but with the increase in supply the rush is lifting of the bad world but we should see a softening in the prices globally of most of these crops however it should be pointed out that the major overriding factors really still are crop figures globally weather conditions as well. and those will be the that the points that are really believe the price of the like. but do you think this influx will be enough to contain global fries growth or is the international shortage still in the a bit of a what do you think. i think short the extra supply will help to cool the price in the crops it will probably make them drift a little bit lower this isn't a complete surprise the markets have been anticipating this for
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a couple of months now we've seen the reaction in the prices across the growth in all of the futures so it will have a short effect but longer i think we've still got global issues with crop supplies and i think there is just generally a shortage so i don't think it will too enough to completely turn the trend as it were but short term it should call the prices. why we don't have a third a lifting of the buying was something on the price of the market and that was what the market reacted to you could russian produce the capital you would buy at high prices the broadened past sliver domestic market short now. well having been banned really from getting any exposure to the global market the russian farmers and producers will be keen to gain some sort of exposure there and the indications we're getting at this point in time is that there's a possibility of maybe say fifteen million tonnes worth of excess supply on top of what is anticipated to be russia's demand having said that of course russia has
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shown historically that it has no fears about stepping into the market and preventing these exports if they fear the supply to the local. markets would be in short supply so i don't think that they were agricultural ministry would let that happen. what's the outlook for wheat prices can you give us some figures and want to keep trying to. well again as i said earlier the ultimately supply and demand are always the key drivers and this supply has been affected globally by poor weather conditions so there is a there is a healthy shortage in crops so this comes as a welcome rest by in the short term the increase in russian supply but you only need to look across the border of ukraine and see that their figures are down roughly forty three percent on the year to know that it will be snapped up pretty quickly so short term i think you'll see that the prices cool a little bit longer i think you'll probably see prices spike higher as demand
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dictates. all right honest i'm not kate market hours from the world's press thank you very much for this indeed. ok that's our business not going for this hour more about forty five going to stay with us for the headlines next.


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